dataramic | SmartReports

dataramic SmartReports automatically extracts, presents and stores data from different sources and in different formats, exactly in the way you need it.

Fully automated

Fully automated retrieval and report generation process

Data consolidation

Consolidate data from multiple available sources with different structure (Excel, PDF, Databases, etc), into an Excel data template.

Transform and save in DB

Transform and consolidate data coming from different files and in different formats (Excel, CSV, PDF, etc), and store it in your database in the way you need it.

Tailored Report Design

Possibility to provide a unique tailor-made report design (Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, etc)

Automate all your reports

QR & Bar Code Systems
Freight Costs

dataramic | SmartReports automates all your report generation tasks, getting data presented in a matter of few minutes instead of days or even weeks of work.


More Highlights

  • Customizable to your specific needs
  • Online and Offline versions available

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