dataramic | Legal

A platform that allows you to automate the filling of legal documents, as well as to manage and access legal knowledge in a quick and powerful way.

Automated Document Filling
Automatically fill standardised legal document templates
Legal Knowledge Database
Access historical data from all your legal documents and cases anywhere, anytime.

Juristic data from different sources consolidated in one platform

Personal & Corporate Data
Templates Database
Historical Data
Legal Knowledge Databases

A platform that covers your different needs

Law Firms
Corporate Legal Counsels

dataramic | Legal helps you to get your legal documents ready in seconds, and to have an easy access to information stored in legal knowledge databases.

A powerful solution to provide more accurate advice, and successfully solve cases in a faster way.


More Highlights

  • Customizable to your specific needs
  • Automated report generation
  • Real-time data visualization
  • Responsive design

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